Thank you for your interest in ubenefit

When educators benefit, we all benefit.

We’d like to give you a little thank you note.

Thank you for your participation in the UBenefit campaign. We are proud to announce that the individuals listed below are this year’s recipients of our UBenefit grants. This is just one way of recognizing how much you give to your students, schools, classrooms and communities. 


Natalie Janson


Emma Reynolds
Traci Lienhard

Eastern Washington

Hannah Mohs
Tracy White
Lisa Chan
Carolyn Schafer
Pamela Patrick
Allyn Griffin
Krista Larsen
Leanne Branson
Dominique Swenson


Sabrina Bradshaw
Brandee Concepcion
Jeff Eckart
Shelley Koellmer
Lindsay Rasmussen
Angela Martin
Martha Bayle

Lake Washington

Shawna Rothaus
Maria Chesney

Lower Columbia

Ada Gonzalez Hernandez
Audra Degg
Lori Byrnes


Kaitlyn Williams

Puget Sound

Donna McCaskill
Stacie Standerfer
Taylor McNamara
Denise Zetterberg


Cameron Elisara


Tabitha Anderson
Victoria Dreher
Lauren Hollister
Emily Rosenberger


Autumn McCumiskey
Kirsten Winter
Elissa Mead
Scott Birdseye
Scott Eagan
Stormy Hodges
Judy Huppert


Teri Maples Elery
Justice Walters
Steven Hakansson


Mellissa Barlas
Micah Wolfe
Melissa Holmes
Monica Akers
Stephanie Tynan
Melissa Anderholt

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