Thank you for your interest in ubenefit

When educators benefit, we all benefit.

We’d like to give you a little thank you note.

Thank you for your participation in the UBenefit campaign. We are proud to announce that the individuals listed below are this year’s recipients of our UBenefit grants. This is just one way of recognizing how much you give to your students, schools, classrooms and communities. 


Jenna Elliot
Michelle Good
Nancy Leitholf
Brenda Quinn
Jennifer Stumphy
Lisa Weaver
Vicky Williams

Central West

Don Allenbaugh
Ali Imler
Samantha Lavan
Paul Markle
Melissa Pastorek
Wendy Sheeder


Megan Famularo
Brenda Jones
Jennifer Lesoine
Lara McCarthy
Nana (Margaret) Osei-Sarfo
Stephanie Wilson


Maria Bennett
Colleen Brodbeck
Scott Fischer
Lee Ann Georgescu
Carol Luciani
Virginia Schlussel


Tim Cammisa
Teresa Hamilton
Kimberly West
Amanda Wilson


Jessica Frazier
Kristy Kawash
Elizabeth Kotcho
Mary Kratz
Crystal Patton
Helene Tscheschlog


Megan Davis-Hiles
Robin Evans
Andrea Hart
Tracey Hart
Cheri Hornberger
Angela Weber


Lorraine Butts
Marie Costa
Gema Cuffari
Rich Cummings
Jeanette Harper
Ann Ortenzi
Irene Zahner


Christina Cooley
Anthony Jannotta
Pamela Lindstrom
Mary Shauf
Cori Urey


Kymberly Cancilla
Toni Carroll
Cynthia Magone
Jessie Riggleman
Nathan Rossi
Scott Sundgren
Sara Weiss


Danielle Baker
Abigail Anderson
Cheryl Byrne
Natalie Eaton
Jeffrey Merlo
Cynthia Nelko

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