Thank you for your interest in ubenefit

When educators benefit, we all benefit.

We’d like to give you a little thank you note.

Thank you for your participation in the UBenefit campaign. We are proud to announce that the individuals listed below are this year’s recipients of our UBenefit grants. This is just one way of recognizing how much you give to your students, schools, classrooms and communities. 


Scott Bennett
Teresa Buggey
Brenda Jones
Dana Mantini
Jennifer Mosher
Ed O’Leary
Brittany Patrick
Jason Poraczky

Central West

Bradley Ankney
Deborah Felix
Pamela Kirby
Crystal Powell
Nathan Shilcosky
Veronica Shorto


Kathleen Conaron
Jamil Farrar Jr
Megan Frable
Adam Gavlak
Kim Hartranft
Tim Kearney
Mollie Smith-Wood


John Brennan
Victoria Buzan
Deneen Dry
Kristine Hood
Matthew Ramus
Deanne Snelling


Michelle Chierichella
Thomas Curtin
Kasey Gribble
Stacy Houseknecht
Elizabeth Kotcho
Thomas Kevin Yurkanin


Rachel Collins
Robin Echenoz
Amy Heavner
Amy McKinley
Mollie Mumau
Jessica Nunez
Julianna Osiecki
Judy Perrin


Marianne Anestad
Maria Benedict
Gwendolyn Ellison
Nadine Hoffman
Kathryn Long
Doug Miller
Joseph Miscavage


Erica Biechy
Allyson Butz
Christina Cooley
Wendy Logue
Laura Rooney


Sherri Crockett
Christie King
Craig Lawhead
Christina Sisak
Shannan Turner


Michael Bichko
Gina Huss
Nicole Niccolai
Amanda Power
Delores Scales
Robin Sciotto
Marcia Scott
Colleen Walsh

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