Thank you for your interest in ubenefit

When educators benefit, we all benefit.

We’d like to give you a little thank you note.

Thank you for your participation in the UBenefit campaign. We are proud to announce that the individuals listed below are this year’s recipients of our UBenefit grants. This is just one way of recognizing how much you give to your students, schools, classrooms and communities. 


Dolores McKeever
JanMarie Motz


Mary Angelo-Moi
April Brown
Paige Levy


Dolores McKeever
JanMarie Motz
Teresa Alvarez
Diane Bentley
Gwynne Burt
Sandra Claus
Frank destefano
Tiaheshia Dublin
Jacquline Encarnacion
Theresa Forte
Germaine Gibson-Williams
Shinese Harvey
Arminta Jones
Selina Lawson
Dana Lindbloom
Christine McIver
Joo Meang
Ereny Salib
Mary Senese
Adrienne Williams
Dina Marie Zika


Melissa Agresta
JoSandra Bailey
Mona Bennett
Lisa Bracamonte
Roger Cardillo
Jennifer Chiang
Heather DAddario
Ronny DiFranco
Dominick Gerardo
Lisa Graham
Terri Horgan
Danielle Kay
William Kerkendall
Malani Leitzel
Darryl Lindenmuth
Shaylese Mantley
Marian Mari
Cassia Mosdell
Rana Omar
Joanne Osmun-Jerez
Toknwa Riddick
Fraidi Silberberg
Marcella Simadiris
Karen Stephenson
Magady Valere
Shawan Ambrose

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