Thank you for your interest in ubenefit

When educators benefit, we all benefit.

We’d like to give you a little thank you note.

Thank you for your participation in the UBenefit campaign. We are proud to announce that the individuals listed below are this year’s recipients of our UBenefit grants. This is just one way of recognizing how much you give to your students, schools, classrooms and communities. 

USD 214
Shelley Gaddis
Alayna Mancillas

USD 234
Regina Cruse
Haley Jones

USD 260
Sarah Feather
Sandra Garrigus
Barbara Greenup
Joshua Hambleton
Rochell Knight
Kimberly Norden
Nathan Schale
Michelle Sweat

USD 288
Michelle McCally

USD 329
Jamie Hafenstine

USD 341
Anthony Pence

USD 348
Debi McKinney

USD 366
Collette Jacobs

USD 385
Teresa Hunt

USD 413
Michelle Johnson

USD 464
Crystal McCoy
Rachel Padfield
Nicole Streeter

USD 490
Cristin Hubbard
James Shum

USD 637
Dale May
Lorry Pichler

USD 233
Molly Templeton

USD 243
Megan Bathory

USD 263
Courtney Allen
Cierra Colling
Jennifer Dunbar
Mikayla Enyart
Dawn Powell
Denise Woods

USD 290
Jason Circle
Brandie Irby
John Krasnesky
Hannah Ray
Sherryl Scovill

USD 340
Kimberly Taylor
Mary Williams

USD 342
Johnna Bradford

USD 353
Allie Dawson
Samantha Heasty
Brandon Lambert
Delaney Sipe

USD 368
Sara Allison
Stacy McKinney

USD 394
Rachel Swope
Josh Turner

USD 421
Kristin Kneisler
Robert Owens

USD 475
Nancy Peterson
Ranell Steiner
Dana Wiegand

USD 491
Lee Minton

SEK Interlocal #637
Sara Ozbun

USD 259
Jon Albers
Kristin Bond
Jenny Burrus
Tyler Crighton
David Downing
Margo Dunagan
Timothy Eberl
Jason Felihkatubbe
Nicole Girrens
Pamela Green
Serena Hanson
Katie Henning
Albert Herrera
Azucena Herrera
Christina Hibarger
Brooke Jenkins
Braundyn Jones
Kelsey Jones
Jordan Kerner
Tiffany Knapp
Laura Knolla
Lisa M. Williams
David Mace
Mildred Mathew
LeeAnne McClure
Margret Orona
Debra Parrish
Melinda Perkins
Kaitlin Powell
Jennifer Robinson
Michele Rowley
Isabella Salmans
Jamie Schaper
Jennifer Sissell
Fred Snyder
Moira Swendson
Jenny Thomason
Margarita Urbina Arancibia
Alisha Wilson

USD 396
Melissa Tilton

USD 457
Jessica Lofquist

USD 483
Amanda Castelli

USD 499
Sherry Hayes

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